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Standard Cat

Sit $30

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Standard Cat Sit $30

Does your pooch need some relief and exercise mid-day? Are you working late? Heading out of town our just out for the night? We’ll be there! We will visit your home up to 4 times a day to take care of your precious pets so you don’t have to stress or worry about them or your home while you are out or traveling.

Choose the service window(s) you need and duration of time that’s best for your pet and we’ll take care of the rest! And for those who want to keep their dogs on a routine, services can be renewed each month for your convenience.

Service Windows:

  • Morning: 7am-9am

  • Mid-Day: 11am-3pm

  • Evening: 4pm-6pm

  • Late Evening: 7pm-9pm

Need a specific time? No problem! Just add $5 to your visit price.

Service Duration:

  • 15 Minute Visit | $15 | Great for puppies in training or our senior friends. Perfect for cats who need a bowl refresher and a quick litter scoop but prefer their alone time. (Walk time will not be included in this service; just a quick potty break.)

  • 30 Minute Visit | $20 | Perfect for active dogs and energetic puppies. A great second visit for puppies in training. Great for cats who like to be social and have some company while they eat.

  • 45 Minute Visit | $25 | Recommended for high energy dogs who need exercise and just a bit more time out and about. Excellent for kittens and cats who enjoy extra playtime, lap time, and love!

  • 60 Minute Visit | $30 | Just right for frisky dogs who need lots of exercise and attention. Also a perfect dinner visit for folks who have a long day at work. Just right for kittens and cats who are extremely social and get lonely for company. Great for new kittens and affectionate cats with separation anxiety.

Each Visit Includes:

  • 2 Pets ($5 per additional pet)

  • Real time update: Notes, pictures, report card, GPS and time tracking data will be sent to you after each visit.

  • Potty break

  • Walk (unless playtime in the backyard is preferred)

  • Playtime and TLC

  • Feeding and fresh water (bowls washed)

  • Medication administration and/or supplements

  • Daily wellness check

  • Litter box maintenance

  • Home area inspection

  • Mail, newspaper, and parcel retrieval

  • Plants watered (up to 5)

  • Lights and window treatments alternated

  • Trash and recycling taken to and from curb

Ready to get started?

Please email to our main Office so we can customize your own pet care plan at no cost. You will receive an estimate of all charges before your registration meeting.

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