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Long Cat Sit $60

Does your pup have the “eye of the tiger?” Our running shoes are packed and ready to go for them! This power hour run in the morning or evening is perfect for high-energy, anxious, or overweight dogs who are looking to channel their inner Rocky! Most dogs need to burn off energy regularly and will benefit from this more constant and intense workout that will help them engage new muscles and strengthen their heart and lungs. They’ll also come home happier and in a more balanced state of mind which leads to better behavior! A “win-win” for sure!

Choose the service window(s) you need and duration of time that’s best for your pet and we’ll take care of the rest! And for those who want to keep their dogs on a routine, services can be renewed each month for your convenience.

Service Windows:

  • Morning: 7am-9am

  • Evening: 4pm-6pm

Our Power Hour Includes:

  • 1 Dog ($15 per additional dog)

  • Real time update: Notes, pictures, report card, GPS and time tracking data will be sent to you after each run.

  • Potty break

  • Run

  • Feeding and fresh water (bowls washed)

  • Medication administration and/or supplements

  • Daily wellness check

Ready to get started?

Please email to our main Office so we can customize your own pet care plan at no cost. You will receive an estimate of all charges before your registration meeting.

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