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Create Profile

Contact us to let us know when you are leaving town. After confirming your location, you will receive an email invitation to create your cat-care profile on our secure client portal 


We also have a free mobile app that makes scheduling services, receiving visit updates, and communicating with your sitters as smooth and efficient.

Schedule Services

You can request our pet care services at any time through our client portal or mobile app.


Please allow at least 24-hours notice for all new service requests and we will email you to confirm once your service request has been scheduled.

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Introductory Visit

Prior to the start of your first service, we will schedule a “meet and greet” at your home to introduce ourselves and spend some quality time getting to know your pet.


We’ll review and confirm the pertinent information about your home and pet care routine, ensure you are comfortable using our client portal and mobile app, and answer any additional questions you may have.

Lock and Go

For your security and convenience, we do not keep our client’s keys on file. Instead, we will supply you with a lockbox (if you don’t already have one) during your Introductory Visit for you to use and keep.

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Enjoy Peace of Mind

After each visit, we will keep you in the loop with notes, pictures, and visit report cards, along with GPS and time tracking data so you can be rest assured we are there and caring for your loved ones. You can read the updates, see the great pictures, and respond to us in real time. Messages will be sent to you through our mobile app as push notifications and delivered via email and/or text message.


Click below to schedule an appointment



Your primary sitter will visit your home for a tour, introductions, and to document all the details of your Cat Care Plan.


Enjoy your vacation while I take care of your cats.  You will receive photos & texts while you are away and a comprehensive Cat Care Report Card when you return.

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